The filming of MaTerre is over. The ecological film in virtual reality 360° has ben shot in the beautiful places of Matera that have served as a natural set for the creativity of five poets and five poor writers from the Euro-Mediterranean area, is over.


The 360° filming of the collective film MaTerre has just been completed. It was an extraordinary experience in which five directors worked with five poets, all from the Euro-Mediterranean area, living an innovative cinematic experience where local tradition met the technologies of the cinema of the future. Rete Cinema Basilicata would like to thank all the directors and poets Giuseppe Schillaci, Vito Foderà, Gianluca Abbate, Blerina Goce, Elena Zervopoulou, Domenico Brancale, Eduard Escoffet, Aurelia Lassaque, Yolanda Castano and Nilson Muniz and all the extraordinary production team that made possible the filming in Matera and in the park of the rock churches. These days the editing and post-production of the film will begin.

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