Connecting all the people working in the Basilicata's movie industry. Creating local economic development. We aim to be the connection and cultural exchange center for all the Mediterrean entities.


Give value to talents and spreading creativity. Promoting Basilicata and safeguarding its landscape. Supporting an international exchange
Rete Cinema Basilicata is the great cinema network of Basilicata. Each of our members is actively involved in the Lucanian film industry. To become a member of Rete Cinema Basilicata you must be born and / or resident in Basilicata or operate in the cinema and audiovisual region.
The Board of Directors is composed of:
Antonello Faretta, President
Adriana Bruno, Vice President
Giacomo Martini, Counselor
Luca Mendicino, Counselor

2010: in Basilicata the first opportunities for meeting between professionals in the audiovisual sector are spontaneously born and the strong need to census the professional reality of Basilicata and start a path of dialogue and collaboration with local authorities emerges.

2012: the Forum for the Film Commission is born on Facebook, a discussion and discussion group that amplifies the debate and allows to draw up a document of proposals for the establishment of a regional Film Commission; the document gets the signature of a hundred operators in the sector. These are then summoned by the Basilicata Region to the table of the Partnership of Creativity, called by the then Governor De Filippo, which is exposed to the legal structure of the future film commission.

2012: a group of professionals and companies from the audiovisual sector create the association Rete Cinema Basilicata (RCB) which asks for and obtains from the regional policy the constitution of the Lucana Film Commission foundation.

2013: RCB organizes the event Progettare Cinema, the first official meeting between Rete Cinema Basilicata and Lucana Film Commission, which presents a document of proposals to regulate the film and audiovisual sector of Basilicata, the Manifesto for Cinema in Basilicata. In the same year, while the Basilicata Region published the first call for funding for film productions with a budget of three million euros, RCB launched the first census of professionals and audiovisual companies in the region by creating the first Production Guide Lucania, freely accessible from the site of the association. Manifesto for Cinema in Basilicata, a document of proposals in ten points.

2014: the first meeting between RCB and Moviementu - Rete Cinema Sardegna takes place in Bauladu. The two realities, until then unknown, are twin in the legal structure and in the main mission that independently carry out in the two regions. The project for a trans-territorial cinema network, already included in the "Open Future" programme, which shortly afterwards will decree Matera's victory as European Capital of Culture in 2019, is underway.

2015: RCB, working in the name of cohesion and confrontation, organizes Agenda, a cycle of events between Rome, Matera and Potenza.

2016: RCB is a partner of the Fifth International Meeting of Independent Cinema (MICI), organized by AGPCI in the city of Matera In October of the same year, RCB, supported by the regional Governor, starts a discussion table aimed at drafting an agreement with the regional film commission.

2017: Matera hosts for the second consecutive year the MICI; here is signed the Memorandum of Understanding between RCB and LFC that actually follows and completes the form of the Manifesto for Cinema in Basilicata written and published back in 2013. RCB is recognized as a privileged interlocutor to define the criteria for the award of public calls for proposals in the sector to support and protect the productions and professionals of Lucania in the sector. Not only that. The commitment between RCB and LFC is to encourage the development of production in the region and professional skills through appropriate training courses. This synergy will also aim to accelerate the introduction of a specific and necessary Regional Cinema Law.

2017: On 13 June 2017, through public procedure, the Rete Cinema Basilicata has been nominated Project Leader for the cinema and audiovisual area by Matera-Basilicata2019 Foundation for the realization of the innovative project "MaTerre, Euro-Mediterranean Poetry Film Workshop".